Embedding Video presentation for World Vista Conference June 2012

4 thoughts on “Presentation

  1. Dr Kenneth harden says:

    Remarkable achievement for 10 days work. The major challenge for computerised health care systems is to make it easier for clinicians to “do the right thing” i.e. evidence based process. Have you done work along these lines?

  2. John Bertoglio says:

    Brilliant, Tony. Rob Tweed pointed me at this work. It is remarkable the level of integration with a legacy MUMPS/Cache/gt/M system. Kudos all around

    • Tony Shannon says:

      Many thanks John,
      Appreciate the positive feedback.
      We were very pleased with the productivity achieved and to be able to show Mumps/Gt.M in a fresh UI.
      As it happens the 10day project pointed initially at GtM, Rob Tweed and others then worked during the VistA Community Meeting for 2days on integration with a VistA test system. They got it wired up in a very basic form (as can be seen in these screenshots)
      Again pretty productive I think..

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