2 Clinicians: 2 Developers: 20 Days: Agile Development towards NHS VistA

Updating Clin UI P to show how our work progressed. This was the next phase of the work , done in collaboration with those interested in NHS VistA

Frectally speaking

A few posts back in my earlier article on “Transatlantic Thoughts.. on VistA .. in the NHS“,  I was commending some joint working between OS pioneers in both the UK and the US to move our learning forward on both sides of the Atlantic.

One of the recommendations in my presentation to the recent 2nd OSEHRA conference, in the Transatlantic blog article and at a recent related EHI presentation was to pursue an agile demonstrator of some key NHS standards (i.e. the NHS Common User Interface , Royal College of Physicians HIU Record Heading Standards) in the VistA stack.

Building on an earlier, though related “1 Clinician: 1 Developer: 10 Days Agile Development” project I had done with the UK based Rob Tweed and Chris Casey, they were keen to help..

On the “US side” and to their credit Medsphere and GDIT also picked up this…

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